Lincoln Military Housing Mold

Lincoln Military Housing Develops Plan for Addressing Mold

Finding mold in your home is never pleasant, but homes are actually ideal breading grounds for mold colonies. Military housing is especially susceptible, given the transient nature of the residents. Military families who have dealt with Lincoln Military Housing mold are very familiar with the issues caused by mold growth. Lincoln has taken specific steps in recent months to address their residents’ concerns and to ensure that mold is not only removed from homes but prevented from returning.

Steps Being Taken to Deal with Lincoln Military Housing Mold

Late in 2012, Lincoln and the U.S. Navy, for whom Lincoln manages a number of housing units, formed a joint task force and came up with an eight-step plan to address both mold and maintenance issues in family housing. The first step, which is now complete, was to inspect every home and then clean and fumigate all affected units. Lincoln has made organizational changes that it feels will allow it to better manage the units and maintain trust with the residents. For its part, the Navy has moved representatives from a central location to offices near the family housing areas of its mid-Atlantic region bases. A senior enlisted service member in each housing development has also been appointed to act as a liaison between residents and Lincoln, ensuring that concerns are addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Lincoln Military Housing Residents Asked to Co-Operate

There are steps that residents can take to help rid their homes of mold or to prevent mold growth in the first place. Visually inspect the entire home, paying close attention to areas where water might accumulate. If you see mold or detect a musty odor, clean the area thoroughly with a fungicide or bleach and water mixture and contact Lincoln as soon as possible. Be sure to clean up any standing water and dry the area completely. Check windows and doors for leaks, and make sure that water connections on appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators are tight.

Lincoln Military Housing has taken its responsibility to military families seriously and is working to ensure that mold is promptly removed from any homes. Underlying maintenance issues are also being addressed as these can contribute to the growth of mold colonies. Working with the Navy, Lincoln has made significant improvements in the management of military housing units in the mid-Atlantic region, and the company will continue to review the processes to ensure that they are providing the best possible service to our country’s military families.


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