2 Tips To Finding Mold

Curious if you have mold growing in your house or apartment? Lincoln Military Housing Mold specialists provide a free inspection for all of their current residents. Here are two tips for discovering if you might need a Lincoln Military Housing Mold Specialist:

1. Look around: Sounds easy but a lot of people don’t know what signs to look for. Start by checking in dark, humid areas in your home. These areas have a greater chance for fungal growth.

2. Smell odor: Have you been smelling any strange odors the past few days? Well even if you have or haven’t it would be wise to check in with a Lincoln Military Housing Mold specialist just in case. It is better to be sure then have an unpleasant mold surprise.

Most of all be aware of your surroundings. Living closer to water creates a greater danger for having mold in your home.

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